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Head held over ‘pregnant ex-pupil’

An executive principal at two academies has been arrested after reportedly starting a relationship with an ex-pupil who is now said to be expecting his child.

Short People More Likely To Get Heart Disease

Short people are at an increased risk of heart disease, scientists have found. Researchers from the University of Leicester concluded that the shorter a person is, the bigger their chance of suffering heart problems. And the results indicated that every change in height of around 2.5 inches (6.35cm) linked to these variants raised or lowered Continue Reading

PM: 11-Year-Olds Who Fail Should Resit Exams

A new system of resits will require 11-year-olds in England to prove they are meeting minimum standards in maths and English if the Conservatives are returned to power in the General Election. Under the Tory plan, any pupil who does not achieve a good pass in their English and maths Year 6 'Sats' will be Continue Reading