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‘Cyber curriculum’ to defend UK against attacks

Thousands of teenagers are to be given lessons in cyber security in the hope they will boost Britain’s defences against hackers and terrorists. The Cyber Schools Programme aims to train 5,700 teenagers aged between 14 and 18 over the next five years to develop some of the key skills they would need to work in Continue Reading

What makes women good dancers? Study finds it is all in the hips

Researchers may have discovered the secret to turning heads as a woman on the dance floor – and it turns out it is all in the hips. Scientists at Northumbria University used motion-capture technology to record the movements of young women dancing to a drum beat. The study, published in the Scientific Reports journal, identified Continue Reading

Trial finds using Microsoft’s One Note software boosts dyslexic children’s learning

A small-scale trial suggests that off-the-shelf technology could help dyslexic children’s learning. The 11-week study, carried out by the British Dyslexia Association at Knowle Hill School in Surrey, found that using Immersive Reader, part of Microsoft’s One Note software, improved pupil’s reading comprehension and emotional well-being. Hearing, rather than reading, makes is easier to spot Continue Reading

School bus overturns near Our Lady’s High School in Cumbernauld

A bus carrying dozens of children has overturned near a school and toppled into a ditch. A spokesman for North Lanarkshire Council said the rest of children were moved to the school’s assembly hall where they were being tended to by staff and the emergency services.

Bomb squad search Newcastle garden of massacre plotter Liam Lyburd

Bomb disposal experts are searching the garden of a man who planned a massacre at his former college in Newcastle. Police said they were investigating whether two “potentially dangerous items” had been buried at the former home of Liam Lyburd, who was jailed for life in September 2015. Lyburd gathered pipe bombs, a semi-automatic pistol, Continue Reading